Cursos hechos en Skillsoft

[25/ene/08] PL/SQL Packages
[25/ene/08] Using PL/SQL with an Oracle Server
[31/ene/08] Oracle Forms Developer 10g: Architectural Environment and Services

Coldfusion *****
[23/ene/08] Getting Started with ColdFusion MX
[24/ene/08] Working with Complex Data in ColdFusion MX
[13/feb/08] Enhancing ColdFusion MX Applications

[26/feb/09] Creating Reusable ColdFusion MX Code
[06/mar/09] Data Retrieval and Manipulation in Macromedia ColdFusion MX

Web Development basics
[10/ene/08] Web Services and Service-oriented Architecture
[22/ene/08] Web Development Fundamentals
[23/ene/08] DHTML and Cascading Style Sheets
[28/ene/08] XML Language Basics
[17/may/08] Programming with XHTML 1.1: JavaScript, DOM, & Dynamic XHTML

[10/ene/08] ABAP Fundamentals
[11/ene/08] SAP Overview
[12/ene/08] mySAP ERP Architecture
[30/ene/08] ABAP Programming I

Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2
[26/ene/08] Creating classes in Java
[29/ene/08] Getting Started with Java
[29/ene/08] Operators and Flow Control in Java

[26/feb/09] Working with Classes in Java

[13/feb/08] Programming Techniques and Strategies
[09/sep/08] Functions of IT Project Managers
[04/mar/09] Reporting Basics with Crystal Reports XI


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